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Notable Work

The cover image for Zombie Strike
Zombie Strike

Zombie Strike is a mix of the dungeon crawler and looter shooter genres. It has been played over 75 million times and reached a peak concurrent player count of over 25,000 players.

Thumbnail for RDC Talk
RDC 2019 Talk

I gave a talk at RDC 2019, an invite only event attended by 500 people, on how to use tools like Rojo and Visual Studio Code to optimize development of Roblox games.

My Software


DataStore2 is an open source module that makes data stores easier to use. It is used in several top games on Roblox, such as Zombie Strike, Dungeon Quest, and a lot more. It is the top community resource of all time on the Developer Forums.


full-moon is a lossless parser for Lua 5.1 written in Rust. It preserves comments, whitespace, style choices, etc.


selene is a modern Lua linter written in Rust. It supports new Roblox syntax, runs fast, and is easily customizable.

Logo for Roblox Lua Autofills

roblox-lua-autofills is a Visual Studio Code extension that automatically fills in common Roblox patterns, as well as supporting basic intellisense for modules.


rbxlx-to-rojo is a tool used to convert existing Roblox games into Rojo projects by reading the rbxlx place file.

Roblox Developer Forum plugins

Contracted to write plugins used by the Roblox Developer Forums. Plugins are written in both Ruby and JavaScript, and are built upon Ruby on Rails and EmberJS.


Hoarcekat is a Storybook-like plugin that makes it easy to preview individual UI elements, and is especially useful with Roact.


Exceptional at...

  • Lua
  • Python
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Rust

Good at...

  • C#
  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Go

Getting better at...

  • C
  • C++
  • SQL
  • Shell
  • x86

Social Media


I tweet about Roblox development and software engineering to about 650 followers.


My account on Roblox is Kampfkarren.

Roblox Developer Forums

I am active on the Roblox Developer Forums as Kampfkarren, where I am a Lead Top Contributor.


My GitHub houses my open source projects as well as my contributions to others.


I have a LinkedIn used for connecting with others.


The best way to contact me is through Discord.